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Kare Anderson

Oh yes -
you created an aggregator of the aggregator...
both are good design options for a quick take at the zeitgeist.

Kudos to you!


Our site ( an aggregate getting aggregated by When we found out we were featured in the Education section, we posed the question:
"Now who’s going to aggregate the aggregate of the aggregate?"

Now we know.
Great work! :)

Kristen Forbriger

So, each of these will search the sites/blogs that Alltop lists in a specific category? Very cool.

Will it adapt as Guy changes the sites in each category?

the constant skeptic

great work! I just wish I was able to view the full articles and entries on ajax style, with a slide down view in the same page; closer to a netvibes or pageflakes feel. Also, if you make the background black more people will come, like where everything is minimalistic as well, but more configurable.... and it accepts openid




Too funy JM.
Lets go to create a startup in 1hour. I call you when its done to be the CEO :-)

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