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Roy Schestowitz

Yup. I noticed too that you were part of the chain reaction. Good job.


The Mumbai ILUG and their members had sent emails to the NBs asking them to complain about the corruption. Lot of people did send email (including me). Maybe that had some influence on India official complain.


Indeed, without people actively doing things it wouldn't be possible to achieve anything.

Blogs just act as a (timely in this case) reminder ... ;)


I'm bookmarking this! (please don't change your link :D )

Matt Asay


I've known Jason for six years. You caricatured his position unfairly. It may be easy because, "Hey! He works for Satan!" but it was not accurate or fair, however much traffic it earned you or others.

I haven't always been the best about treating people with civility on my blog, but I'm trying to do better. It advances no honorable cause to try to catch people in their mistakes.

In Jason's case, his position is a reasonable one: that governments should not legislate technology preferences. I have come to disagree with this position but it's hardly the contemptible argument you made it out to be.

Perhaps if you knew Jason you would have been more inclined to be fair with him. Perhaps each of us could spend a little less time and a bit more time seeking first to understand.



Thanks for taking the time to comment.

Jason might be a great guy but he accepted to be in the difficult job of being the open source representative in a company that doesn't really have a track record of acting in the best interest of free software and open source.

Even if you give him the benefit of the doubt (i.e. he is really making his best to change things from the inside) it doesn't really excuse the condescendent tone. So I felt completely free to write on the same mode.

As to the government intervention, this is just another policy, really the same that companies or governmental organizations have applied for years. Only instead of being the result of an intense lobbying organized by software giants (Microsoft is not alone here), this time it seemed much more genuine and favored FOSS. All the better, times are changing.

As a person I can only regret if I have in anyway jeopardized your personal relationship with Jason.

But as a blogger whose views are often similar to yours, I can only wonder how you could have quoted his post without noting the the tone and the irony lying in what he had written.


Super Dude

>> "You caricatured his position unfairly"

I read that post, I think it was extremely entertaining and fair. Presenting it that way really brought out a lot of points, a lot of information and links thrown in as well. Can you rebut any of the points? I don't think so.

If this has really reversed OOXML wow - congrats! This is what blogging is all about.

david solomon

I think it possibly should reverse the OOXML anyways .....nice article btw !

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