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Leonid S. Knyshov

I was at that announcement and at the pre-announcement as well. I believe GigaOm got the first credit at the pre-announcement as it happened live on-stage during his interview of Jonathan Schwartz.

Let's not discount Sun's http://www.network.com cloud computing platform that has been in existence for a very long time.

I talked with Sun's people extensively at the event and the message they are radiating is "We want to help startups in any way we can". Let's just say the offers are compelling enough for me to consider OpenSolaris as my next platform.

Roy Schestowitz

We ought to be more gentle with and towards Sun. They bring a lot to FOSS (need anyone mention OOo?). Having spoken to Marten add Simon, you can see they're pressured from above (shareholders too). I've reached the conclusion that it's better to listen or instruct, not criticise or slam. Not with Sun anyway... Anything that looks like civil wars (cue McPherson) can be used against us, i.e. an ammunition against FS.

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