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I think you're a little late, Sun has bought MySQL. You say "or at least to give second thoughts to any other potential acquirer of MySQL." but that didn't happen.

Right now Oracle is making money with InnoDB, it's not in their best interest to cut off that revenue stream. If they cut it off all that happens is Falcon gets all the attention, catches up, and Oracle is out a revenue stream. Oracle being evil and killing MySQL only works if InnoDB is totally irreplaceable, it may be difficult to replace but that's not the same thing.


"This wasn’t a big hurtle at first since simple web applications needed speed and scalability before anything else; but as web applications grew more sophisticated, it became a major hindrance and prevented MySQL to penetrate new markets."

This is a contradicting statement. Scalability is all about growing more sophisticated.

You might want to read dbdebunk.com and check if you make the "quote of the month" in the future.


"Scalability is all about growing more sophisticated."

Actually, it's not. Scalability is for a system to have the ability to manage with much more inputs (e.g. data, people) without substantial modification (e.g. typically just by adding hardware)


There are other options you might want to consider. One on the near horizon is ScaleDB. They deliver on two very critical advances: (1) They use a cluster-ready shared-everything architecture like Oracle RAC and IBM's mainframe databases (IMS and DB2)it supports transactions, etc.; (2) They introduce an indexing engine that not only stores column values (like B-tree), but also column relationships. This means it goes directly to the data queried...NO JOINs. This makes it extremely fast and scalable. If you would like me to put you in touch with them, let me know.

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