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Interesting story. I get a bit lost between the hypothetical and what I can only assume you are hinting at having actually occurred.

Some times I wonder if this is the field I want to go into

/ 17yo -> UNL for CS/CE

Milking the GNU

Well, ask yourself the question: are you happy when you’re coding, building software, reading computer stuffs? If the answer is yes, it means that’s where your “flow” is.

Go for it. You’ll have great time and you’ll make incredible discoveries from understanding Gödel’s theorem to building your first lisp interpreter or to writing at once an entire page of PROLOG without a single bug (my 3 enlightenments when I was a CS student, you’ll have yours no worry).

As to the day to day job 3 things to remember: - Try to work on something you like but most importantly with people you like. It’s more important than ANYTHING else – Find an environment where you learn (e.g. with people brighter than you are) - And finally … be happy! :)

Good luck!



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