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Alex Linhares

Great post! Dugg!


Editing your posts in Word?


Use this, please.

David Corking

I think you have done a marvellous job to capture the key facts in a nutshell.


I want to contribute and I want the community to contribute back the fixes. But at the same time I am fine with a commercial company including my software - as a gear - in their application. GPL doesn't seem like a best fit for this. Which license should I choose?

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I think GNU users shouldn't be so worried about people riding on their coat-tails. Instead, they should continue making contributions with their projects and be sure to make good use of (a.k.a. feel free to make money using) the GNU projects of others.

One of the big ideas behind GNUs was to lower barriers to entry for INDIVIDUALS with ideas to make money - rather than fork over tons of money to finance the corporate overhead filled with big-wig do-nothings.

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